Upcoming Art Exhibition:

Between control and coincidence | 04.03. – 03.06.2023

DIGITAL Art Exhibition – Generative 3D Art

Invitation to the vernissage on
04 March 2023 at 5 pm (end 8 pm)
frisierbar Stuttgart, Kornbergstr. 45

Stefan Eisele’s solo exhibition „Between Control and Coincidence“ is a show that explores the opposites of control and coincidence. The artist works primarily in generative art, using digital 3D renderings. His artworks are created using specially composed algorithms that represent a mixture of control and coincidence.
By using generative art and digital 3D renderings, Stefan Eisele creates works that are constantly changing and reinventing themselves. His algorithms allow him to share control over the artistic process while giving space to coincidence. The works in this exhibition show how Stefan Eisele deals with these two opposites and how he addresses them in his works.

Visitors to the exhibition will be inspired by the different approaches and techniques and immerse themselves in the world of Stefan Eisele’s art between control and coincidence. It is an opportunity to discover stimulating and exciting artworks by Stefan Eisele.

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Last Art Exhibition: Endless City | 25.09. – 19.12.2021

Intermedia Art Exhibition – Paintings, Sculptures, Generative Installation

Attention, the exhibition will be held under the current Corona rules. This means that the current 3G rules (recovered, vaccinated or rapid test) will be respected. According to new decisions there can be changes.

Vernissage on September 25th, 2021 at 3:00 pm
at the Weltcafé Exlibris Gerlingen, Schulstraße 13
Music: Linda Kyei Band // DUO (Popular Electronic Jazz)
Introduction / Greeting

Opening times of Weltcafé Exlibris Gerlingen:
SO-DO: 9.00 am – 10 pm | FR-SA: 9.00 am – 11 pm

Studio in Stuttgart – Stefan Eisele

Stefan Eisele is a passionate freelance artist. Currently he has his studio in Stuttgart, located in Bad Cannstatt-Espan.

His artworks are strongly influenced by the impulse of the city. In addition to the detailed watercolors of Stuttgart’s most beautiful corners, but also lovers of the following art styles are reflected:

  • Drawings/Scribbles
  • Abstract images of emotions, situations and environment
  • Technically based art: VR, generative art and 3D

Like many artists, Stefan Eisele went through several phases of development. In addition to his own life experiences such as travel or education, this also reflects the artist’s interests and ambition.

Your interest has been aroused? Then contact Stefan Eisele via the contact form.

Stefan Eisele Vita

2014-2017 Studies at the University of the Media in Electronic Media

After four semesters of Audiovisual Media at the Stuttgart Media University, Stefan Eisele graduated with a Master of Arts degree in February 2017. His focus was on

  • 3D modeling (NURBS, polygons)
  • Simulation animation and rendering,
  • Modern technology of the image process

His senior thesis focused on the relationship between generative design and art.

2010-2014 Study of Industrial Design, University of Pforzheim

After graduating from high school, Stefan Eisele studied industrial design in Pforzheim:

  • Time management and organization of design processes
  • Sketching and painting techniques (figure drawing, construction drawing)
  • Development of ideas and their realization
  • Construction of foam models

2012-2013 Internship: Dr. h.c.. F. Porsche AG Weissach, Department: Design Visualization, 6 months

Hands-on experience:

  • Create realistic images (CGI) from digital CAD car models,
  • Optimization of CAD car models
  • Presentation of different design ideas.
  • Developing and modeling digital environments for render scenes.

2010 Internship: Andreas Helmling, sculptor and designer, Hördth, 6 months

Field Experience:

  • Welding, bending and cutting of steel works
  • Restoration of furniture
  • Drilling, milling and sawing of woodwork
  • Planning, organization and realization of exhibitions

2009-2010 Internship: Design agency Lautschrift, 3 months

Field Experience:

  • Development of corporate identity, brands and logos
  • Creation, editing and layout design of homepages, layout, post-processing and editing of images

Past exhibitions

  • Werkschau 2011: Hochschule für Gestaltung Pforzheim (Abschlusssemester)
  • Rathaus Achern 2012 (Einzelausstellung)
  • Mitgliedschaftsausstellung 2013 | Kunstverein Germersheim (Gruppenausstellung)
  • 2014 Zuckerbergschloss Kappelrodeck (Einzelausstellung)
  • Rathaus Kappelrodeck 2014 (Einzelausstellung)
  • 2016 Kutlurinsel (Kulturinsel) Stuttgart (Präsentation des generativen Kunstprojekts: Synesthesy – Musik sehen).
  • 2016 Internationales Kolloquium Universität Stuttgart (Präsentation des generativen Kunstprojekts: Synesthesy – Musik sehen).
  • 2018 Weltcafé Stuttgart, Einzelausstellung