Vernissage and Exhibition: “Between control and coincidence”

Image shows laudation of Stefan Eisele from the art exhibition "Between control and coincidence" at Frisierbar Stuttgart

The opening of the art exhibition "Between control and coincidence" was a great success. The Frisierbar in Stuttgart provided the perfect location for the generative 3D artworks on Alu Dibond that were exhibited. The visitors were enthusiastic about the combination of technology and art that was expressed in the works. The exhibition invited visitors to explore the boundaries of control and chance and offered a unique perspective on the beauty of the two working together. The aluminum dibond prints added a modern twist to the artworks and emphasized their powerful presence. The colors and textures created through the generative processes appeared more vibrant and intense than ever before. The opening ceremony itself was an evening of joy, inspiration and lively discussion. Many visitors were surprised by the diversity and beauty of the works and found it exciting to learn more about the underlying technology. Overall, the art exhibition "Between control and coincidence" was a great [Read more...]