From Pen and Paper to Code and Computer, my artistic journey

Creativity knows no bounds. It evolves, matures, and transforms over time. My artistic journey is a voyage through various techniques, mediums, and sources of inspiration that ultimately led me to a fusion of traditional art and modern technology.

It all began with my passion for comics and a penchant for realistic drawing styles. Hours upon hours were spent refining my comic skills, striving to emulate the diverse styles of comic artists. My affinity for fine liners and pencils resulted in sketches that immersed me in the art of drawing.

The idea of infusing color into my fine liner drawings led me to watercolors. During this phase, the captivating style of Spawn comics served as a wellspring of inspiration. However, my horizons expanded when my brother gifted me a Salvador Dalí art book. Dalí’s surrealist works deeply fascinated me, sparking my curiosity for breaking with reality and creating absurd compositions.

Throughout my school years, I dedicated myself to art, experimented with acrylic paints, and honed my skills in watercolor painting. Through the creation of realistic subjects, I acquired additional techniques and developed a multifaceted artistic expression.

After completing school, I resolved to compile three artistic portfolios. An internship for the entrance exam to an art school proved to be a turning point. It was there that I learned to take my art seriously and forged a deep friendship with artist Andreas Helmling ( from Hördt in Pfalz. This artist from Karlsruhe would profoundly shape me on my journey and support my endeavors.

Continuing my artistic journey

Andreas Helmling encouraged me to take risks and present my art to a wider audience. His advising quote for me back then was, “Where there’s fear, that’s where you should go,” accompanied me before my first exhibition. With my three portfolios, I gained admission to study Industrial Design at the Pforzheim University. (

During my studies, I expanded my drawing and painting skills, learned construction drawings, and delved into composition. The program empowered me to conceive projects independently and apply all visual techniques from drawing to 3D modeling. My thesis gradually led me into the realm of computer code.

Meeting the computer scientist and relative Marc Koderer paved the way for me to express creativity through programming code. In my thesis, I developed a real-time visualization that painted digital images based on the principles of harmony while playing the piano.

After completing my bachelor’s degree, I decided to continue my artistic journey with a master study in Media Design with a focus on Audiovisual Media at the HdM Stuttgart (Hochschule der Medien, This further deepened my programming knowledge and 3D modeling skills. Here, I also delved into the theory of 3D computer vision, continuing my growth as an artist and technologist.

During a journey through Central America, I connected with a group of sketch artists, introducing me to urban sketching. I started keeping a travel journal, sketching the places I visited. Four sketchbooks emerged, filled with impressions of hostels, architecture, and landscapes.

My first art studio

The “Alte Weinsteige” in Stuttgart became my first true studio space. Here, I delved into oil and acrylic painting, particularly focusing on cityscapes. The structures of houses and skyscrapers intrigued me, leading me to refine my style into abstract and textured forms.

My work in the realm of VR and AR kept me technologically updated. I began creating 3D artworks and even acquired a 3D printer to craft city sculptures as busts. These steps propelled me further into generative 3D art, where I find joy in experimenting with new technologies in harmony with art.

I’m always on the lookout for fresh perspectives, ready to embrace new angles. My art expresses itself in a range of intermedia forms, uniting themes like structured cityscapes, surreal elements from my imagination, and the expression of emotions.

From the beginnings with pen and paper to unfolding into the digital realm of code and technology, my artistic journey showcases that the fusion of tradition and innovation can truly be a wellspring of boundless creativity.

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