urban sketches

Welcome to my art page, where you’ll find a collection of urban sketches from around the world. As an artist, I am passionate about capturing the beauty and essence of the cities. From bustling city streets to quiet alleyways, my sketches aim to showcase the unique architecture, culture, and people of each place.

The situation of sitting down for two hours and maintaining concentration while creating sketches is always a challenge. Especially with today’s distractions given by the media. You learn to focus on one thing and block out everything else for a short time.

Lisbon sketches 2019

Stuttgart sketches 2016
Central and South America 2015

Stefan Eisele painted the sketches during his five-month trip through Central America. His journey started in Mexico, where he was struck by the contrast between the lively squares and the cold, dreary weather he had left behind in Germany. He spent a few weeks in a Guatemalan family, where he learned Spanish and enjoyed having a home away from home. In Antigua, he visited the ruined abbeys and searched for a post office to send handicrafts back to Germany.

Moving on, Stefan reached the east coast of Guatemala, where he spent a few rainy days in a hostel called “the roundhouse”. He discovered a book of children’s poems by Shel Silverstein and played “risk” with the hostel owners and other travelers. In Leon, Nicaragua, Stefan stayed longer than he planned, as his girlfriend fell ill. He passed the time by drawing the hostel where they were staying. Eventually, they left for Granada, where they took a ferry to Isla de Ometepe.

Stefan’s only accommodation with a swimming pool was the “cranky crok” hostel in Costa Rica, from where he visited the Manuel Antonio National Park. Though they were unable to enjoy the park for the whole day due to the onset of tropical storms, Stefan and his girlfriend stayed dry on the roof terrace, drinking coffee.

By the time he arrived in Panama, Stefan had become more confident in his travels. The stunning scenery and foreign culture no longer had the same impact on him as they had in the beginning. To cap off his trip, he embarked on a challenging sailing trip to Colombia. After celebrating his birthday in the cool highlands of the coffee region, Stefan took the bus to Bogotá and returned home to Germany, where he enjoyed the last days of summer.