Current Art Exhibition:

Between control and coincidence | 04.03. – 03.09.2023

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DIGITAL Art Exhibition – Generative 3D Art

Invitation to the vernissage on
04 March 2023 at 5 pm (end 8 pm)
frisierbar Stuttgart, Kornbergstr. 45

Stefan Eisele’s solo exhibition “Between Control and Coincidence” is a show that explores the opposites of control and coincidence. The artist works primarily in generative art, using digital 3D renderings. His artworks are created using specially composed algorithms that represent a mixture of control and coincidence.
By using generative art and digital 3D renderings, Stefan Eisele creates works that are constantly changing and reinventing themselves. His algorithms allow him to share control over the artistic process while giving space to coincidence. The works in this exhibition show how Stefan Eisele deals with these two opposites and how he addresses them in his works.

Visitors to the exhibition will be inspired by the different approaches and techniques and immerse themselves in the world of Stefan Eisele’s art between control and coincidence. It is an opportunity to discover stimulating and exciting artworks by Stefan Eisele.

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