generative 3D art

Generative 3D Art Loop: Cubular Collision

Cubular Collision

“Cubular Collision” is a mesmerizing and immersive 3D generative art video loop. It takes viewers on a captivating journey through an ever-evolving world of endless geometric intersections. The video showcases the collision and interaction of two distinct geometries, both composed of numerous interconnected little cubes.

As the video begins, the geometries come to life, rotating gracefully in space. Each geometry has its own unique characteristics. The intricate network of cubes within each geometry creates a stunning visual spectacle. It forms complex patterns and mesmerizing symmetries. The cubes dynamically shift and rearrange themselves, constantly morphing and evolving as they collide with one another.

Generative 3D art project “Billowing rooms”

Billowing Rooms

The “Billowing Rooms” artwork series showcases a wooden room with curvy slats that undulate like waves. Scattered on the slats are cubes, some with a liquid layer resembling honey. The series comprises three images, each featuring a bold, vibrant color that enhances the dynamic nature of the artwork.

The first image displays an inviting warm orange, while the second boasts a serene and calming blue. The third image is passionate and dramatic, with a striking red color.

The use of wood as a medium adds an earthy and naturalistic element to the artwork. Simultaneously, the cubes and liquid overlay introduce a modern touch. Overall, the “Billowing Rooms” series is a stunning representation of the intersection between nature and technology. The artist has created a captivating and unique world, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in its beauty.

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Generative 3D art project “Every fiber of my body”

Every fiber of my body

“Every fiber of my body” is a series of generative 3D artworks that dissolve human faces into fibers. Stefan Eisele created six portraits, three in blue with a carbon texture and three in orange with a wood grain texture. The artworks highlight the restlessness and distraction in modern society that affect our attention and focus.

Eisele uses the fiber motif to represent the complex and interconnected nature of distractions. The portraits depict the human form as vulnerable to the noise and chaos around us, emphasizing the challenges of maintaining inner balance.

The blue portraits suggest a cold, impersonal environment of distractions, while the orange portraits represent the warm, natural distractions of daily life. These contrasting tones highlight the diverse nature of the challenges we face.

Overall “Every fiber of my body” is a visually series that uses generative 3D art to explore the complexities of the human experience. Eisele’s portraits symbolize the fragility of our attention and focus, emphasizing the importance of finding balance in an increasingly noisy and distracting world.

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Generative 3D art project “Figures of discomfort”

Figures of discomfort

“Figures of Discomfort” is a 3D generative artwork depicting an eerie and unsettling scene. The work features a collection of organic, amorphous figures growing out of a central form. The figures are abstract and complex, with twisted limbs and distorted forms that seem to writhe and pulse with an energy.

Figures of discomfort

The flat eyes of the figures add to the eerie atmosphere of the work. As if they are peering out from the depths of a dark abyss. The color scheme is dominated by blacks, which add to the sense of foreboding and unease. The background is completely black, providing a stark contrast to the complex, multi-layered shapes in the foreground.

“Figures of Discomfort” is a deeply evocative and thought-provoking work of art that invites the viewer to ponder the darker, more primal aspects of the human experience. The organic forms and abstract shapes suggest a sense of chaos and unpredictability, while the overall composition of the work is both haunting and hypnotic. As a generative artwork, it also demonstrates the power of algorithms and technology to create deeply emotional and impactful visual experiences.

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Generative 3D art project “Fibers in motion“

Fibers in motion