Aleisa - Stefan Eisele - Portrait
Aleisa - Stefan Eisele - Portrait | Foto: Leonie Thum


2011 Werkschau: University for Design Pforzheim (end-semester show)

2012 Townhall Achern (solo exhibition)

2013 Membership Exhibition | Art Association Germersheim (group exhibition)

2014 Zuckerbergschloss Kappelrodeck (solo exhibition)

2014 Townhall Kappelrodeck (solo exhibition)

2016 Kutlurinsel (culture island) Stuttgart
(presentation of generative art project: Synesthesy – Musik sehen (Seeing music)).

2016 International Colloquium University Stuttgart
(presentation of generative art project: Synesthesy – Musik sehen (Seeing music)).



2014–present Degree: Master of Arts in Electronic Media
Audiovisual Media, 4 semesters, Stuttgart Media University (expected completion of study by February 2017)
Theory of geometrical modelling, 3D modelling (NURBS, Polygons) and simulation,
animation and rendering, modern technics of image processing. Research in the subject generative design and art

2010-2014 Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design,
6 semesters, University for Design Pforzheim (Grade: 1,3)
Time management and organisation of design processes, high skills in sketching and painting technics
(figure drawing, design drawing), developing ideas and their realisation, construction of foamed material models

2012–2013 Internship: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Weissach,
Department: Design Visualisation, 6 months,

Practical experience: creating realistic images (CGI) from digital CAD car models,
optimization of CAD car models, presentation of different design ideas.
development and modelling of digital environments for render scenes

2010 Internship: Andreas Helmling,
Sculptor and Designer, Hördth, 6 months,
Practical experience: welding, bending and abrasive cutting of steal works,
restoration of furniture, drilling, milling and sawing of wooden works, planning,
organisation and implementation of exhibitions

2009-2010 Internship: Design Agency Lautschrift, 3 months,
Practical experience: developement of corporate identity,
brands and logos, creating, editing and layout design of homepages,
layout, post- processing and editing of images